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Careers Through Music, Building Employable Skills in Your Music Class from Alfred is a new innovative tool for music educators that highlights valuable skills developed in ensemble and music classes.

Careers Through Music provides a pathway to achieving success in any career—both in and outside of music. Each of the book’s 15 eight-minute lesson plans have the same simple format and focuses on a specific transferable skill, such as problem solving, networking, teamwork, and self-management. For even greater impact, reproducible pages for student activity sheets are included, along with access to exclusive videos of music and business professionals discussing the lesson topics.

Careers Through Music will be available as Book & Streaming Video for $34.99.

The Essence of the Blues is a new series by Jim Snidero, best-selling author of the Jazz Conception Series.

The Essence of the Blues sheds light on one of the most important forms in 20th century music. From jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, country, and other genres, the sound of the blues has had an enormous impact on modern music. Perfect for rehearsals or classroom, there are six instrumental books, transposed for alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, flute, and clarinet.

The Essence of the Blues contains 10 etudes focusing on various types of the blues, as well as an in-depth analysis of blues styles, vocabulary, and music theory. Each etude includes specific techniques used by some of the all-time best jazz/blues musicians, including Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, BB King, Stanley Turrentine, and others. All phrasing and articulation included, enabling the musician to precisely learn jazz style.

All books in The Essence of the Blues series are available for $24.95.

Rhythm Speller, Books 1–4 and Rhythm Ensembles and Teaching Activities, Levels 1–4 are the newest additions to the best-selling Music for Little Mozart series.

Music for Little Mozarts: Rhythm Speller Books 1–4, reinforce rhythm skills based on the concepts introduced in the Music Lesson Books 1–4. Each page of the Rhythm Speller Books has two activities—a rhythm writing activity and a rhythm reading activity. The written activities reinforce note values and counting through coloring, circling, drawing, or matching. The rhythm reading activities help students practice clapping or tapping rhythm patterns while counting aloud, playing rhythms on rhythm instruments or keys on the keyboard, and chanting words based on rhythm patterns.

Music for Little Mozarts: Rhythm Speller Books 1–4 will be available for $7.99 and Music for Little Mozarts: Rhythm Ensembles and Teaching Activities will be available for $19.99.Music for Little Mozarts: Rhythm Ensembles and Teaching Activities includes eight rhythm ensembles featuring pieces accompanied by one or two rhythm instruments. By studying these ensembles, students learn to identify rhythm patterns. Teaching activities focus on three areas—rhythm, reading, and intervals. The teaching activities use a “listen and copy” technique where the teacher sings, chants, or claps and the student responds, echoing the teacher.


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