New Wireless Systems from Carvin Audio

Victoria Wasylak • Pro Audio • February 19, 2019

Carvin Amps and Audio’s new UX1200BP1 Wireless Headset Microphone Systems feature a PERFORMER1 over-ear mic that is designed for speaking and theatrical engagements where high intelligibility is required. The PERFORMER1 is capable of reproducing a high vocal SPL input while maintaining a clean undistorted output. The over-ear design makes for quick, hassle-free use for the speaker or performer. The PERFORMER1 is available in black, tan, and youth versions.

Similarly, offering guitar and bass players ultimate freedom on stage, Carvin Amps and Audio’snew UX1200BGT Wireless Guitar/Bass System is now available. One UX1200BGT can serve as 3 different workhorses in your inventory by adding additional accessories such as the PERFORMER 1T Tan Over Ear Headset Microphone (also available in black) or the UX-LP1 Lavalier Microphone.


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