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Radial Engineering StageDirect™ Muting Direct Box

by hoff • in
  • Pro Audio
• Created: June 24, 2013

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The StageDirect is a unique direct box that combines the standard features of a DI with the ability to mute the signal using a footswitch for silent on-stage tuning or switching instruments. The StageDirect is made from 14 gauge steel and finished in baked enamel for maximum durability. Connections include a ¼" input for the instrument, a ¼" output for the stage amp, and a standard XLR male output to feed the PA system. A separately buffered ¼" tuner output is always on. When the footswitch is depressed all of the outputs other than the tuner are muted to enable quiet on-stage tuning. The mute feature also makes it easy to switch instruments on stage without having to turn down the PA channel or set the stage amp on standby in order to avoid loud popping in the audio system.

 Top panel switches include a -15dB pad to handle extra high output instruments like an active bass, a high-pass filter to eliminate excessive bass and resonance, and a 180° polarity reverse to help tame acoustic hot spots on stage that can cause feedback. Retail price: $250 USD. 

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