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Radial ProMS2 Mic Splitter

by hoff • in
  • Pro Audio
• Created: August 5, 2013

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The Radial ProMS2 is a single-channel mic splitter designed for PA, recording, and broadcast applications. The Radial ProMS2 is completely passive and 100 percent discrete to ensure optimal signal flow. The engine inside is an Eclipse ET-MS10 transformer that is exceptionally linear from 20Hz to 20kHz while exhibiting less than 0.01% distortion at 20Hz. The Eclipse transformer is equipped with a mu-metal can that shields the sensitive circuit from outside electro-magnetic fields to ensure the signal is delivered without artifact.

Features include microphone input with -30dB pad to enable extra high level sources to be used without fear of saturating the transformer. There are three outputs: The first is a direct-coupled output that is normally connected to the main FOH PA system mixer and provides a return path for 48 volt phantom should a condenser mic or active DI box be in use. The second is a transformer isolated output that is particularly adept at eliminating the hum and buzz caused by ground loops. The third is a direct output with a ground lift switch. This auxiliary output can be used to feed the stage monitors, recording system or remote broadcast truck.

 Retail price: $140.

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