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Whirlwind ISOPODci Audio Interface

Victoria Wasylak • Pro Audio • December 3, 2018

New from Whirlwind is the ISOPODci, a professional audio interface that’s optimized to connect the headset jack of personal mobile devices to professional audio systems. It can be used to connect mini headphone audio outputs to professional equipment with balanced inputs such as a mixing console or used to connect professional balanced audio sources to the headset mic input. Signal is connected via a 3.5mm, four-conductor TRRS jack.

Balanced connections to professional audio equipment are via XLR jacks. Headset signals are balanced and passed through with minimal loss from input to the return XLRs. Send input signals are attenuated approximately 40 dB for the mic connection of the headset jack. Features a “STEREO / MONO” switch to combine stereo returns into a mono signal and a 10 dB “PAD” switch for reducing the return level, if required. A “GROUND LIFT” switch disconnects input ground from the outputs to help eliminate hum and buzz. A 3.5mm TRS “SEND MONITOR” jack allows use of mini headphones to monitor the audio being sent into the mic input. A four-conductor 3.5mm TRRS cable is included.

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