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In 2018, headphones designed for professional studio use still have the same fundamental purpose and goal as always: true replication of source audio material and durability.

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Not all music retail stores can last forever, but they can pass the torch to the next shop suited to carry on the MI duties in their community.

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To all the folks at Guitar Center locations around the country, the Music Emporium in Lexington, Massachusetts has a message for you: many, many thanks.

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Can electronic drums be authentic? For Roland, the answer is a resounding yes.

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The role of the signature artist-model guitar in MI retail has changed along with the culture of the guitar.

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Born out of a retail and repair shop founded by John Packer in England in 1974, John Packer Ltd. is now a worldwide-force in the design and manufacture of brass & woodwind instruments.

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The widely reported decline in electric guitar sales has been attributed to a number of things, from how the hyper-masculine image that electric guitars have projected since the 1980s has lost mojo in the era of #MeToo, to the rise of synth-heavy, guitar-lite EDM.

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In Victoria Wasylak’s excellent profile of Lexington, Massachusetts’ guitar dealer, The Music Emporium (page 64), co-owner Joe Caruso says of the Boston areas’ Guitar Center locations: “They didn’t put us out of business – they helped our business. Too often, every store is the same, they’re all carrying the same stuff. There’s too much homogeneity in the retail world.”

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Making financial decisions has never been easy for business owners. When given a choice, the tyranny of the urgent usually wins over the severity of the important.

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