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Current Issue

A quarter-century of Dealers’ Choice Awards (DCAs)! It’s our “Silver Anniversary!”

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Current Issue

A Nationwide Survey of MI Retailers Suggests Things Are Looking Up, While Internet Sales Remain a Threat

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Current Issue

As the dealers represented in this report are privately held, the data being presented in “America’s Top Chains” was supplied by the companies, themselves. In other instances, MMR made estimates based on data available to our research team.

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Small Business Matters

Anyone who reads MMR’s “Small Business Matters” already knows that I believe a special and unique character trait about the music industry is that our industry produces the best storytellers. After all, we are songwriters, creators, and expressionists.

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2017 has certainly given us plenty to discuss and contemplate. From email hacks to Russian interference in the U.S. political process, deadly hurricanes to NFL player protests, sexual harassment accusations made against numerous high-profile figures to Twitter feuds between President Trump and… well, nearly everyone, it’s been a busy year to be sure.

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Last Word

As we head into the holiday selling season, one riddled with stories about how Amazon will soon be getting access to our homes, it’s worth remembering a couple of things: streaming may have become the primary distribution format for music, but most Americans still use the radio for listening and discovery, and they still overwhelmingly go to brick-and-mortar stores to buy things.

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