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There’s More than One Reason to Refer to $$$ as ‘Green’

by Christian Wissmuller • in
  • Editorial
• Created: April 3, 2017

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MMR has been running our annual “Green Issue” for a few years now and, generally speaking, reader reaction has been very positive.

Who doesn’t like trees and chirping birds and frolicking woodland creatures, and, you know– the ability to breathe easily and to not get poisoned from tap water and stuff like that?

However, there has been a small minority of folks who’ve gotten in touch occasionally to question the purpose of these issues. What’s the point? Why are we shoving our hippie agenda down everyone’s throats?

Well, first of all, there’s the whole idea outlined above about enjoying nature and living long, healthy lives in peaceful co-existence with the world; Secondly, it’s not our agenda, as the eager participation of so many MI suppliers and retailers in these features throughout the years attests.

But if you’re still not sold on why you should care about all of this nonsense, consider the following:

Based on the 2012 Survey of the American Consumer released by consumer analysts GfK MRI, “65% of American adults agree with the statement, ‘preserving the environment is very important.’” That’s a pretty healthy portion of your potential customer base – and the smart money would be on that figure having gone up in subsequent years.

And the point gets put into even more stark relief when you factor in those pesky “youths” – the so-called “millennials.” You must have heard of these kids – the generation that wields the most purchasing power, by volume, since the Baby Boomers? “Nearly 40 percent of millennials prefer to spend money on a good cause, even if it means paying more for a product. Socially conscious, environmentally friendly, and charitable behaviors will win major points with these customers,” according to an article appearing on CMSWire in June of 2016. Of course where you live (or where your MI store is located) also comes into play here. In 2011, Amazon made a nifty map (look to the left) derived from the purchasing habits of people from across the nation. The results are likely not terribly surprising, but instructive, nonetheless: The Northeast, Southwest, West, and areas around most urban/education centers tend to skew more “green.” But wherever you live, the benefits are out there for the taking. This is truly – no pun intended, but I’m digging it – low-hanging fruit for you and your business.

The big point it: “going green” isn’t just nice to the earth, there’s a good chance it’ll be nice to your bottom-line.


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