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Best & Worst in Show at Summer NAMM 2019

Christian Wissmuller, Victoria Wasylak • August 2019Show Report • August 11, 2019

Best Trip Back in Time

The “shredding T-rex” at the Empirical Labs booth put smiles on the faces of all attendees who happened by the area.






Worst Wake-up

Being on a 7 AM flight to Nashville with a bachelorette party of 12 and a bachelor party of 25, all of whom were slamming beers, champagne, and shots well before I usually aim to be awake…

Best Triumphant Return

Talk about a 180-degree turnaround… This year Gibson’s booth – one of the largest, and most interactive/fun at Summer NAMM – offered tons of guitars (some very expensive) for attendees to play, a performance stage, gear giveaways, and workshop stations demonstrating how these fine guitars get put together. Generally speaking, the new leadership seems to be steering the “Gibson ship” into smoother waters – here’s to more of the same!



Best Wheels

This three-wheeled motorcycle, created by Paul Teutul, Jr. to honor the history of Martin Guitars for the television show “American Chopper” consistently drew a crowd (this shot was taken just as SNAMM opened on Saturday morning).





Best Guest Speaker

Taking in a songwriting masterclass from John Oates himself was a great way to cap off the convention at the NAMM Idea Center on Saturday (July 20)




Worst Petri Dish

It’s pretty hot down in Nashville, in mid-July. Might be refreshing to take a dip in the hotel pool, no? Not when it’s completely filled with drink-clutching party-goers, standing/swaying in place while screaming at one another and slowly getting sunburnt. When did this town become “Bachelorette/ Bachelor Party Central,” again?

Best Way to Open the 2019 Show

Chris Isaak and Jason Isbell took the stage at Gibson’s Summer NAMM party at the Wildhorse Saloon







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