The Future of Print Needs a Mount

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• Created: June 11, 2013

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At the RPMDA show in Columbus, the rallying cry was the evolution of digital print, which will inevitably include digital delivery to tablets. At The Music People, they are anticipating that evolution and offering a sales opportunity.

“Our new TCM9150 u-mount gives musicians an easy, secure way to mount tablets to mic stands,” explains Jim Hennessey, TMP president. “This way the tablets can be used for lyric sheets, set lists, playback, effects, recording, remote mixing, monitoring, and any number of other needs. And when you combine the versatility of the mount with the versatility of the tablet computer, the possibilities are mind-boggling.”

The u-mount consists of two major components. “The first is a folio case capable of fitting all three generations of the Apple iPad,” he says. “The case provides access to all the buttons, cameras, speakers, and I/O jacks, so the tablet can stay in the case at all times.”

The second component is the mounting system, comprised of two aluminum arms. “One arm features a swivel joint that mates with a low-profile insert built into the back of the tablet case.” The other arm features an elliptical enveloping clamp that mounts to mic stands, rack cases, and any number of places. 

“With the ubiquity of iPads, almost every retailer that stocks the u-mount is doing well with it,” says Hennessey. “These retailers know they need fresh, new, modern products for their return customers.” He adds that the u-mount sells itself, “simply by being attached to a mic stand on the sales floor.”

While he wasn’t at RPDMA, Hennessey is not surprised by some of the conclusions reached at the gathering. “Musicians are handling a large part of production from the stage, and digital playback is the norm, so computing on stage is here to stay.” He adds that those who follow trends in education will know that digital sheet music is going to play an increasing role in the band and orchestra rooms, and ebooks are being embraced by educators everywhere.

“Tablet mounts are the perfect accessories to compliment this boom.”

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