Breedlove Frontier Concertina E (All-Mahogany)

by Christian Wissmuller • in
  • September 2018
  • Top Gear
• Created: August 31, 2018

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I’m not usually an “acoustic guitar guy.” Sure, I have a couple and I of course see how acoustics are great for songwriting and travelling and all of that, but I am not the type of person to book myself an acoustic gig. I like electric guitars plugged into loud, distorted amps.

So it says something that I am genuinely reluctant to return this gorgeous little Breedlove Frontier Concertina E. And, being a Concertina, this truly is “little” when compared, say, to a Dreadnaught. However, man can this thing sing! I’m talking serious, powerful volume – and that’s without plugging it in and taking advantage of the very responsive and fine LR Baggs EAS VTC pickup installed in this model. The Concertina E features a solid top, solid back, and sides made of Honduran Mahogany which is both stunningly beautiful, and also helps this Frontier Series guitar achieve a balanced, rich tone full of deep lows, rich mids, and angelic high end. The fretboard is made of African Ebony and this model also includes subtle (but quite pretty) Ivoroid binding. Oh, and the fancy hardshell case is both sturdy and attractive (and it has that fantastic “new guitar case” smell when you open it!).

Have I mentioned this guitar is a looker? While this isn’t a “cheap” instrument by any means, the appointments and features would be expected on a guitar at a much higher price-point. You’re getting more than you’d expect with the Concertina E, trust me. Typical Breedlove.

Also, in typical Breedlove fashion, you can rest easy that all efforts have been made to ensure that this guitar is about as “green” as you can get. Tom Bedell and crew are standard-setters when it comes to environmentally responsible practices.

For the past three-plus months, whenever I’ve gotten the itch to play for a while, or work on a song idea (in other words: often), I’ve usually found myself opting to not plug into the old (very old) practice amp or pick up one of my beater acoustics. I head down the hall, take the Concertina E out of the case (ever so gently…) and set to work on one of the easiest to play, loudest, best-sounding, most aesthetically satisfying steel-string acoustics I’ve ever been able to spend this much time with. Breedlove has a fine reputation and with this Mahogany Frontier Concertina E, they’ve one-upped themselves. If you sell acoustics in this price range (just around $2,000), you need to look into stocking this – I’m positive it’ll be flying off the walls in no time.

Ah, well – it may be for the best that I have to return this guitar. I’d be at risk of losing my “rocker” credentials if I kept it much longer. Although, things sometimes do get lost in the mail…

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