Hercules DG300B Tablet Holder

Jesse Salucci • March 2019Top Gear • March 15, 2019

The Hercules Tablet Holder DG300B is lightweight, compatible, and (most importantly) durable tablet holder that can attach to most mic, keyboard, or drum stands. The ability to fold compact and fit in my gig case without having to disassemble or remove any parts is probably the biggest benefit. It is very sturdy and has enough joints to adjust into any

position needed and lock tightly in place. It holds an iPad so securely that I never worry about it falling. The design choice to hold the iPad by the corners works better than others I’ve used before that hold tablets by the sides, because those invariably end up blocking a button or jack that you need access to.

The bright yellow accents are great to show off the Hercules brand, but for a stage performer who wants an iPad on a mic stand to be as invisible to the audience as possible, it might have been better if they either only used yellow elements on the side of the mount that can’t be seen from the crowd, or limited it to just a single iconic element. Other than

that, this should be an indispensable piece of equipment for any musician who uses a tablet onstage as part of their act.


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