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Loog Mini-Amp

by Jeff Martin • in
  • January 2019
  • Top Gear
• Created: January 23, 2019

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Loog, the makers of the tiny three-stringed guitar for kids, have come up with a logical accessory: a tiny combo amplifier. Less than six inches wide and tall and only about three inches deep, this 3W amp won’t take up a lot of space, but still manages to pack a whole lot of sound into such a tiny box. The amp itself features the kind of minimalism that makes you

wonder if Apple designed it. The use of white on white especially evokes the company from Cupertino. On top, you’ll find just an input jack, gain and volume knobs and an on/off switch. To the delight of parents everywhere, there’s also a headphone jack next to the aux-in on the back. The Loog Mini Amp runs on a single 9-volt battery, so you can take it anywhere you go, but also features a jack for a power supply (not included). It also comes with a matching white cable so once you get a battery, you’re all set to plug and play out of the box.

Despite only having a three inch speaker, the sound was surprisingly crisp and clear and out-performed other minicamps that I’ve tried out in the past. I started out just playing the top three strings on my guitar to emulate the Loog, itself, and was able to coax some really nice tones out of it, but by the end I was cranking up the gain and crushing power chords and letting the fuzz fly. I don’t know if I’d bring this into a rock club, but I could honestly see someone using this to amplify a coffeeshop or busking performance quite easily. It’s definitely more than enough sound for any kid’s bedroom stage.

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