MEE audio M6 PRO 2nd Generation

Christian Wissmuller • March 2019Top Gear • March 15, 2019

Packaging and promo materials for this second generation update of MEE audio’s popular M6 PRO universal-fit, noise-isolating in-ear monitors promise, “upgraded sound and build quality” and, “more accurate midrange and smoother, more natural treble” (among other tweaks meant to improve the overall user experience).

Having no experience with the first iteration of the M6 PRO monitors, I can’t offer much in the way of comparison between the two units, but I’ll try and unpack my overall impressions of the current generation, starting with my favorite aspect…

I have owned and used some pretty expensive – as well as many lower-tier – in-ear monitors, both for recreational listening and for on-stage performance, and the big gripe for me (even with the pricier, custom-fit models) is invariably one of comfort. What feels fine and secure initially winds up being irritating or even downright painful eight or 10 songs in. I’m happy to say that I’ve repeatedly gone hours with the M6 PRO 2nd Generation jammed into my skull with essentially zero issues.

The included, extremely extensive accessories set features over-the-ear memory wire (it does exactly what you think it does), seven differently sized ear-tips, and Comply™ memory foam ear-tips – meaning that, with a bit of fiddling around (nothing terribly time-consuming), I expect most users would have an experience similar to my own.

The next most impressive element to this package? The humble asking price of around $50. I earlier referenced my ownership and usage of “expensive” in-ear monitors and, by that, I’m talking custom units that go for in excess of $600. I can’t comfortably wear those fancy-pants monitors for anywhere near as long as I can MEE audio’s earbuds without considerable discomfort. If judged by fit and comfort alone, the M6 PRO 2nd Generation isn’t a solid hit; it’s an out-of-the-park homerun.

Ah, but what about the sound? The primary purpose of inear monitors is, of course, to deliver accurate, quality sound and – however comfortable – if the M6 PRO can’t succeed on that front, that’d be a deal-breaker. Happily, these little guys do quite nicely: accurate reproduction across the frequency spectrum and quite responsive. Additionally, the ear-tips do a fine job of blocking ambient noise (or the thrashing about of fellow-musicians), so you can hear everything you aim to without turning the volume way up and, you know… going deaf by age 40.

Appearance-wise, my review earbuds are clear (and quite handsome/discreet), though there are a number of color and customization options available and outlined on the company’s site, including custom-fit silicone ear-tips if you happen to not agree with my assessment of fit and comfort and want to upgrade to a more expensive unit.

All in all, this is a great package that packs serious bang for the buck. Any MI retailer with customers serious about live performance and who appreciate an authentic recreational listening experience might do well to stock the M6 PRO 2nd Generation.


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