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Morley Mini Power Wah Volume

by Daniel Sussman • in
  • November 2018
  • Top Gear
• Created: November 5, 2018

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Morley’s Mini Power Wah Volume pedal is a shining example of Morley’s reputation for high quality innovation in the wah space. The wah pedal is a staple of any pedal board. An effect with roots that go back to Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the wah effect has stayed relevant during the disco days of the ‘70s, hair metal’s glory days and through to popular guitar-based songs of today. Morley’s latest offering is a two-in-one pedal with a great sounding optical wah and a super clean volume pedal. It’s got a compact footprint and a suite of features that any musician will love.

First off, like all Morley products, this pedal feels indestructible. With a Cold Rolled Steel housing, Morley’s custom HQ2 inductor and electro-optical circuitry, you can tell the Morley engineers designed with touring musicians in mind. The optical circuitry means fewer moving parts which makes for an incredibly dependable, and exceedingly usable, pedal. The wah circuit sounds great; it’s rich and luscious with a great range. Wahs are generally straightforward in the buttons/knobs department and this Mini Power Wah Volume is no exception. There’s a footswitch that toggles between Wah and Volume and then a Wah level control knob for players who are looking to add some extra oomph to the wah effect. Also, there’s a red LED that lets players know that they have the Wah engaged.

The LED is a small thing, but one that is critically important for any musician who’s ever played a stage with a rough stage mix. Also important, at a pedalboard friendly 5”x8”, players will have plenty of room on their board for other gear.

When the Wah is switched off, the pedal behaves as a true bypass volume pedal. There’s no buzz or hum and it feels great under the foot. The Volume pedal is a nice bonus, adding functionality that many guitarists covet, but don’t necessarily want to give up precious pedalboard space to obtain. With the Mini Power Wah Volume pedal, that choice is made unnecessary.

At the end of the day, this pedal does exactly what it sets out to do. Morley has provided a very competitive offering, with all the features a player needs in a very attractive footprint.

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