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The results of our week long snapshot poll where we asked whether single territory trade shows were now preferable to big international expos, are in.

With the world's largest musical instrument show, Musikmesse, now shifting its focus towards being a consumer show with a trade element, the trade expo cycle seems to be reaching the point where people are starting to make decisions about just how important trade show attendance is to their company and just how much ROI they gve back. Add to that the success of regional shows such as Music China and even some smaller single country events and it's clear that the landscape is changing.

Our poll showed that 22 per cent of respondents now prefer more local, single territory events, but still 35 per cent are in favour of the big international option. More concerning for trade show organisers, however, will be the 43 per cent who agreed with the statement that 'trade shows are unnecessary'.  Worringly, if you're the owner/orginaniser of a big international trade show, it states that 65 per cent of our (admittedly not extensive) sample either preferred a smaller single territory affair or no trade show at all.



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