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GHS Strings has extended its new Nitropack packaging, with its “ultimate guarantee”, beyond just its Boomers and Americana series. 

Nitropacks will now feature with all strings across the brand including Burnished Nickel Rockers guitar strings, the David Gilmour, Flea and Eric Johnson Signature series and the Bobby Osborne mandolin strings.

All GHS strings are now supplied in white Nitropacks - airtight packets which provide a barrier to moisture and oxygen to prevent string corrosion. The company guarantees to replace, free of charge, any string in one that is not 100 per cent perfect or up to consumer standards.

The strings of every set are individually sealed in a nitrogen environment and packaged in a durable, tear-resistant Nitropack. The packs can be left in gig bags for months and still retain their factory freshness, designed to ensure long lasting performance and tone

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