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GHS Strings has added updated tension charts for acoustic, bass and electric guitar strings free on its website. 

With more players choosing to modify their string selection to create their own unique voice, GHS has put together the guide to help players find the information they need to identify their ‘ideal’ set. 

The list gives string tensions for all current GHS acoustic, bass and electric strings, including singles and sets. The formulas used are industry standards and can be used to approximate other string tensions. The presentation of the charts also makes them ideal for guitarists who prefer to use altered or down tunings because they are designed to facilitate an easy choice of the perfect string set for their desired application.

 The guides include details on how to calculate tensions, frequency charts, as well as other things to consider such as winding techniques, string materials and string geometry. They allow players to go beyond standard settings, to customise and create their own set of strings.

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