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GHS Strings has brought back its Infinity Steels coated round-wound electric bass strings in a limited edition run.

The new run uses a finely-regulated coating process called MST (Metal Surface Treatment) which coats the outer wires which are then wrapped around a core wire to maximise tone and endurance. The core / cover ratio has been tweaked and the E and B strings have been made with tapered ends to produce a new sound creating the perfect homage to the earlier Infinity Steels. They come in the following gauges: ISB-L5000: 40-58-80-102; ISB-ML5000: 44-63-80-102;  ISB-M5000: 44-63-84-106; and 5ML-ISB: 44-63-80-102-126 (5-String)

As with the originals the Limited Edition Infinity Steels are coated in an easily recognisable red and offer extended performance life.

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