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Digital music specialist IK Multimedia has launched its new Fulltone Collection for AmpliTube for Mac/PC.

Guitarist and composer Michael Fuller founded Fulltone back in 1991, with the aim of building stompboxes that sounded as good as vintage pedals, but that were more rugged and reliable than the old, often fragile classics.

IK Multimedia's Fulltone Collection includes three processors that are equally at home in music production as well as in creative sound design. Guitarists, keyboard players, composers, producers, sound designers and mixing engineers can now take advantage of all the original Fulltone hardware in a digital environment.

Recreated by Fulltone and based on the original, nearly impossible-to-find Dyno My Piano unit (sold during the 80's as Songbird or Dytronics), the TERC is the chorus sound made famous during the 80's by session guitarists such as Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Dann Huff and many others.

The Solid State Tape Echo captures the full essence, warmth and vibe of the original Echoplex EP-3, but without its unavoidable drawbacks - the original unit was very noisy, featuring low-quality tape heads and would produce lots of hum. Fulltone's SSTE fixes these issues, enhancing the machine's response and capabilities. IK Multimedia have recreated the SSTE in virtual rack format with added bpm sync function, offering DAW integration and sonic versatility.

The OCD overdrive pedal gives the sound more grit, punch and the same kind of touch sensitivity, warmth and complex harmonics that characterise a quality tube amp.

The Fulltone Collection is available from the IK Online store and from within AmpliTube Custom Shop at $/€59.99.

The TERC and SSTE  can be purchased as single processors for just $/€34.99 each, while the OCD is available as a single pedal at $/€24.99

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