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Barnes and Mullins is launching a new range of Hidersine Polycarbonate bowed instrument cases.

Available for violin, viola and cello, the new cases feature a lightweight polycarbonate outer shell in a choice of modern brushed purple, brushed silver and carbon fibre effect gloss finishes. The new series also offer a number of different shapes that includes standard oblong violin and viola cases, Gourd violin and cello cases and a unique Halfmoon 4/4 violin shaped case. 

All case designs feature detachable shoulder straps, comfort side handles, secure closing clasps and outer zipped pockets. Interior protection comes in the form of fleece linings with blankets, padded supports, bow holders, detachable interior pockets and neck restraints. Combination locks are included on the oblong viola cases. 

A moveable neck support included in the oblong violin and viola cases mean they are capable of carrying different size instruments by simply adjusting its position. The oblong violin case will safely carry 1/2 to 4/4 violins, with the larger viola case comfortably housing 15” –to 17” violas. 

All Hidersine Polycarbonate cases are available to order now from the Barnes and Mullins sales team and via the company’s online portal –


Halfmoon Violin cases – RRP £185

Oblong 1/2- 4/4 Violin cases – RRP £185

Gourd 4/4 Violin cases – RRP £185

Oblong 15” – 17” Viola cases – RRP £215

Cello cases – RRP £395

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