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Alvarez is continuing to expand globally, and has teamed up with Backline in Milan to oversee distribution in Italy.

 “Backline has a fantastic team and an excellent reputation,” said Chris Meikle, head of development at Alvarez and senior vice president of St. Louis Music.  “We’re thrilled to be working with them.  The Italian market has such a rich guitar culture, with both great artists and music.  We know Backline has the experience and resources to guide Alvarez to dealers and consumers in the region.”

Backline focuses on three categories of musical product, Boutique, Classic and Pro.  Its Boutique line focuses on hand-made luthier crafted instruments.  The Classic line is dedicated to high quality, popular brands of instruments and accessories, while the Backline Pro line is centered on pro-sumer audio equipment and software for recording, production and engineering.    

“Backline is proud and excited to partner with Alvarez Guitars for distribution and marketing in Italy,” said Stefano Bonaretti president of Backline . “We feel the brand has a great potential and we shall put all our best efforts and skills to offer the Italian market one of the best and most promising guitar brands in the world today.  We have an excellent expertise in the acoustic guitar market, which we developed while establishing Taylor Guitars in Italy through 20 years of intensive branding, marketing and distribution.  We’ll use the same expertise to offer a selected number of special dealers the opportunity to discover and experience the Alvarez and Yairi world; a world which we feel to be fascinating and appealing. We love having a new task to accomplish and I am positive it shall be a great and lasting partnership.”

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