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Fluence pickups from Fishman have added a number of guitar players who have created their own signature sets.


Hot on the heels of the pickups designed in conjunction with Devin Townsend, Greg Koch’s ‘Gristle-Tone’ set, and the 6, 7 and 8 string pickups from Stephen Carpenter, Fishmanhas added a further three Signature Series sets.


The Will Adler (pictured) 6 String Modern Humbucker Set (PRF-CS6-WA1 £469 UK RRP) designed by the Lamb of God guitarist provides the player with ceramic bridge and alnico neck or mid-position humbuckers, that combines passive classic tones with the attack and dynamics of a modern active pickup all in one unit.


Meanwhile, the Killswitch Engage 6 String Modern Humbucker Set (PRF-MS6-KE1 £429 UK RRP), features tighter bass for more note definition and screaming midrange and harmonics in the voice one setting. Voice two features a vintage/medium output hybrid passive tone that is equally good for clean, crunch or searing leads.


Founder member of the instrumental progressive metal band ‘Animals As Leaders’, Tosin Abasi has mastered a wide variety of styles and musical techniques, and needs a pickup configuration that could easily handle a diverse mix of eclectic tones. His new Signature 6-String (PRF-MS6-TA2 £429 UK RRP) 7-String (PRF-MS7-TA2 £449 UK RRP) and 8-String (PRF-MS8-TA2 £469 UK RRP) Humbucker Sets  make multiple coil combinations available, in conjunction with the different voicings.


The magnetic circuit is tuned, with pole pieces and a blade magnet combined in the neck position for authentic single coil interaction. For neck and bridge, Voice 1 begins with the modern recipe and fattens up the low midrange while adjusting the output level to Tosin’s taste. Voice 2 is bright and clean, with fast and detailed top end for percussive attack and crystalline cleans. In the bridge, Voice 2 is a classic rock and hard rock tones.

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