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MMR Global

IK Multimedia is launching a successor to its iRig Mic HD - the HD 2 - next month.

The handheld microphone features 24-bit converters with sample rates up to 96kHz, a low noise preamp, a high-quality gold-sputtered electret condenser capsule for improved frequency and transient response and an onboard dedicated headphone output with volume control for direct signal monitoring.

It comes with all the cables and accessories needed in a variety of situations, as well as a table tripod for use during interviews, calls or video conferences.

The integrated low-noise preamp provides an optimal gain range while the gold-sputtered condenser capsule ensures clarity and accuracy over a frequency spectrum of 20 Hz - 20 kHz (-3 dB) making sure all the tiniest details of the sound source are faithfully captured in recordings.

Able to withstand a maximum sound pressure of 120dB, iRig Mic HD 2 provides a high level of performance even when recording loud sources while the cardioid pickup pattern will help reject sounds coming from the rear of the microphone.

HD 2 features a versatile, integrated headphone output with volume control that can be used for monitoring the audio signal during recording or for listening to high-resolution music - including on the iPhone 7. The output can also send the audio signal to an external device like another recorder, a mixer or a PA system.

The mic comes with downloadable versions of Mac and PC software including Ableton Live Lite, a Digital Audio Workstation application; T-RackS Classic collection of audio processing plug-ins; and Mic Room, with virtual models of a number of classic microphones. Also included are iOS apps such as the Mic Pack for VocaLive, that adds a collection of virtual microphone models to the real-time vocal effects processing and multitrack recorder app; Pro Bundle for iRig Recorder, which adds processing like equalisation and compression to the pro-audio recording and editing app with video; and Mic Room, the microphone modeling app.

iRig Mic HD 2 will be available in September at $/€129.99.

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