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This book will get you comfortable playing in odd time signatures. Using a simple, yet effective counting system, it will give you a method for breaking down odd meters in a way that works for you. Based on the concept introduced in Dom Famularo’s best-selling book, It’s Your Move, Odd Feelings presents grooves and exercises in 18 different time signatures. Divided into chapters on quarter-, eighth-, and sixteenth-note based meters, with an additional section about mixed-meter grooves, it also includes eight play-along tracks designed to get you grooving in these different time signatures.

A multimedia disc is included which contains MP3s and Quick Time videos. The MP3s demonstrate selected examples and include the play-along tracks minus drums. The videos also highlight various examples from the book, and include demos of the play-along tracks. All tracks are performed by author Massimor Susso. Retail price: $16.99.

Drums & Percussion

Dream Cymbals ReFX SeriesDream Cymbals recently introduced the Scott Pellegrom Crop Circle: a 10” baby brother to the company’s ReFX series 14” ring cymbal circle. The smaller size is ideal for dropping over a hi-hat or ride cymbal. It also fits on top of smaller 12” and 13” snares.

Also new to the series is the ReFX bell, or the donut hole. (Or the Timbit of cymbals, for those in Canada.) The ReFX bell makes a unique effect—it’s a great add-on bell sound or stacker element. The new ReFX HAN 10 is a versatile, unique effect with a truly alien sound. It’s a fusion of East meets West—an ultrathick, unlathed bell with a thin, twangy, flanged edge. The ReFX series are made from recycled cymbals collected through the Dream Cymbals dealer network. Bring in any broken cast cymbal and an Dream dealer will offer a rebate towards a new Dream cymbal at $1 per inch. The company collects customers’ broken pieces and transform them into new instruments in the ReFX series. Retail price: $49 (14” crop circle), $39 (10” crop circle), $29 ReFX Bell), $97 (ReFX HAN10).


Kala’s banjo ukes are available in soprano and concert sizes and are distinctively appointed with a luxuriant black satin finish, a Remo Weatherking Banjo Head, deluxe geared tuners with black buttons, rosewood fingerboard, maple bridge with ebony cap, and a closed back design. The concert’s hoop diameter measures 8 inches and features antique brass hardware with a closed back design. The soprano’s hoop measures 6 inches and comes dressed in chrome with an open back design. The part numbers are KA-BNJ-BK-C (concert) and KA-BNJ-BK-S (soprano).

Meanwhile, the new Cedar Top/Acacia Ukulele Series boasts a solid cedar top, acacia back and sides, and rich gloss finish. Available in concert and tenor sizes , other design details include a distinctive slotted headstock with multi-wood cap; and padauk binding on the body, fingerboard, and rosette. A rosewood fingerboard, Aquila strings, and Grover vintage open geared tuners are also standard on both sizes. Model numbers are KA-ACP-CTG for the concert size, and KA-ATP-CT for the tenor size.

Band & Orchestra

The new Band Director Trial Kits are designed to facilitate the testing and selection of JodyJazz’s most popular mouthpieces by Band Directors and their students. The JodyJazz band director Trial Kits are to be made available to school music dealers, their road reps, and individual band directors themselves. Each kit consists of a velvet-lined hardsided case containing five  mouthpieces.  The  company  offers the Band Director Trial Kit with their recommended assortment of mouthpieces but the selection can be modified to accommodate specific preferences or particular regional needs.

Pro Audio

Gator G-TOUR Road Case for  Behringer X32The G-TOUR X32-ARM features thick, heavy-duty plywood construction and a tough laminated PVC exterior. The interior is lined with specialized EVA foam padding to safely secure and protect the X32. However, it’s the doghouse section that really makes this case unique. Not only does it provide easy cable routing and full rear access, but the integrated 360 Arm system turns this case into a fully functional recording workstation. The Arm system features a versatile mounting tray for laptops, tablet devices, or even a Vesa-mount LCD monitor; while the arm itself, mounted through port holes on the doghouse lid, provides full 360° motion. This creative solution allows the user to determine their optimal setup without sacrificing  valuable  desktop  space.  The foam-lined break-away lids and heavy duty casters ensure your valuable console is given the utmost in protection during transport. Lastly, each G-TOUR X32-ARM case includes Gator’s signature red recessed twist latches, spring loaded handles, and commercial grade plated hardware.

DJ & Lighting

ADJ’s LED Pixel Tube 360  Color-Changing Light Stick

This 39.5-inch/1,000 mm bright colorchanging LED tube is a glowing “candle of light” that can be used in multiples, offering limitless possibilities to creatively transform your surroundings and décor via RGB illumination. Hang multiple LED Pixel Tube 360s from overhead circular trussing to create the effect of a chandelier over a stage or dance floor. Position the tubes at varying heights behind a musician or in the DJ booth for a dramatic candelabra-like performance backdrop. 

Each LED Pixel Tube 360 unit contains 64 highoutput TRI LEDs, which produce bright, shadow-free RGB colors. The LEDs are encased in transparent UV-resistant polycarbonate tubing, so they’re visible for a full 360°.

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Pro Audio

Radial Engineering  Gold Digger

The Gold Digger from Radial Engineering allows users to compare up to four microphones and quickly switch between them using radio-style push-button selectors. The streamlined mic selection process contributes to an improved performance. For music stores, this tool has a twofold purpose. Customers can audition four microphones at a time with a custom demo setup resulting in greater mic sales while generating sales of the Gold Digger to their recording clientele. 

Quiet, dependable and “immediate,” the Gold Digger generates 48V phantom power ensuring switching between mics will be quiet and pop free. One simply plugs in the microphones, activates phantom power for condensers and then sets the trim control so that all mics produce the same output level. Retail price: $400.

Pro Audio

On-Stage Stands MS7201QTRThe MS7201QTR has the look and functionality of the classic round base microphone stand with the instant hreadless quarter-turn end. The threadless end mates with a unique J-slot in the familiar round base of the MS7201QTR. In one swift motion, the user only needs to push down and rotate the shaft ¼-turn clockwise to lock, or push down and rotate ¼-turn counter-clockwise to remove. With the MS7201QTR, stripped threading is a thing of the past. 

The 10” round base is constructed from sand-cast steel for strength. Six rubber feet on the underside of the base keep the stand stable. A die-cast steel mid-point clutch effortlessly allows height adjustments from 34” to 60”. The entire stand sports a scratch-resistant finish and is built to last gig after gig. Retail price: $49.99. 

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Written by one of the world’s most accomplished snare drum and drum set artists, Roy Burns, The Creative Drum Set Workbook shows students how to develop and improve by applying written snare drum solos to the drum set. This will improve speed and technique, facility at the drum set, time-keeping, sense of phrasing, and many other aspects of drumming. The book presents material in three sections: Section 1-6 Hand Development And Warm-Up Studies; Section 2-10 Contest Snare Drum Solos (grade 3-5); Section 3-12 Snare Drum Contest Solos With Drum Set Applications And Suggestions (grade 4-5).

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RS Custom 64 Supreme Guitar

Nashville’s Custom Red Special Guitars are handcrafted using the same designs used to build the ‘60s models they reproduce.
The 64 Supreme is built using custom- made Block board with Oak inserts layered to enclose the inner chambers of the guitar. It’s covered with select fine onepiece Mahogany Veneers, while the body is bound front and back with white binding.

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