DJ & Lighting

DJs and mobile entertainers can “pedal” bright LED color washes at their gigs with the new Mega TRI38 Sys from ADJ. An all-in-one portable RGB LED wash system, the Mega TRI38 Sys features a wireless battery-powered foot controller that gives you command over functions like Black Out, Sound Activation, Programs and Color from distances up to 60 feet/19M – all with a tap of the toe. Included the Mega TRI38 Sys are four par-style LED wash fixtures, one battery-powered foot controller, one tripod lighting stand, one stand bag, and soft case for the lighting system.

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CR-1650 Soprano Ukulele cases are hand-crafted from genuine rattan plant fiber, a material used on exotic furniture, handbags and 1950s picnic baskets. This strong natural material, with its hand-woven construction, is light and sturdy. Each case has a double carrying handle of sturdy rattan and a padded interior of a gingham cloth pattern to match the exterior color of the case. These cases are available in Brown, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink and the natural shade of the rattan material.

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Print & Digital

This 84-page book and audio package by Sean McGowan is a comprehensive course in learning the art of fingerstyle jazz guitar, taught by a world class jazz guitarist and instructor. From building chord vocabulary to separating bass and melody voices and to developing improvisation techniques, McGowan’s approach will help readers learn to play a variety of dynamic solo fingerstyle arrangements. The book includes 12 lessons on chord voicings and inversions, building jazz arrangements, and more, with over 120 musical examples, exercises, and songs, with audio.

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DJ & Lighting

Applied Acoustics Systems’ new Microsound Textures sound bank is made for the Chromaphone creative percussion synthesizer and AAS Player plug-ins in collaboration with artist and sound designer Richard Devine. Microsound Textures joins Cardinals and KitNetix as the third title in Chromaphone's Sound Bank Series expansion line.

In Microsound Textures, Devine's idea was to use grain particles and tiny pulses to create rich and dense textures. In addition, the collection includes a wide variety of surprising and mysterious instruments ranging from light and delicate to dark and atonal.

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AIM Gifts presents a wide variety of musically themed holiday ornaments – everything from pianos to electric guitars and miniature drum sets. Pictured is the company’s newest “boxed three-pack set” along with several other bestsellers.  AIM offers over 70 different music related ornaments to profit from. 

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Band & Orchestra

Cremona now offers their SV-130 Premier Student Violin Outfit in a choice of six colored finishes, in addition to the standard warm brown finish that is familiar to all. Students can now choose from the available five sparkling colored finishes: Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Rose. The violins utilize material fit for not only beginning students, but more advanced players as well.  As with every Cremona instrument, each SV-130 is hand-crafted from fine tonewoods with both the tops and backs hand-carved and graduated.

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Featuring extreme high gain tones and custom cosmetics, this series of tube amplifiers – based on the award-winning HT-1, HT-5 and Venue Series products – is specially voiced and cosmetically styled to appeal to today's metal guitarists. Higher Wattage models accommodate 6L6 tubes for an extreme, scooped out, metal sound. The HT Metal series offers an amp for every occasion, from bedroom practice to large concert stages. It consists of six models: 2-channel 1W and 5W heads and combos, as well as a 60W (2x12) combo and 100W head, both of which are 6L6-loaded and have three footswitchable channels. Rounding out the series are matching 1x12, 4x8 and 4x12 cabinets.

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This is the consummate and affordable guitar and bass tool kit everybody's been waiting for. The Musician's Tool Kit includes heavy duty cutters, pegwinder, 13 hex wrenches, 6" stainless steel ruler, 6-in-1 screwdriver, microfiber polish cloth, and a sample of wonder wipes - all nestled in a convenient zip-up carrying pouch. Ernie Ball is currently running a free giveaway promotion on their Facebook page for these full toolkits.

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The KM-1050 has several pro-level, player-friendly features originally pioneered by Saga in the late 1970s. Each instrument features a highly polished ebony fingerboard with a compound radius, a wider nut and saddle, larger frets, and a scooped fingerboard extension with inlaid nickel-silver fret markers.  The KM-1050 features a hand-carved and expertly graduated Adirondack spruce top, and a back, sides and slim, v-shaped neck carved from a single piece of select Northern Maple. 

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Pro Audio

The Radial ProMS2 is a single-channel mic splitter designed for PA, recording, and broadcast applications. The Radial ProMS2 is completely passive and 100 percent discrete to ensure optimal signal flow. The engine inside is an Eclipse ET-MS10 transformer that is exceptionally linear from 20Hz to 20kHz while exhibiting less than 0.01% distortion at 20Hz. The Eclipse transformer is equipped with a mu-metal can that shields the sensitive circuit from outside electro-magnetic fields to ensure the signal is delivered without artifact.

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