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Retail Truths: The Unconventional Wisdom of Retailing and 50 Ideas to Train Your Sales Staff in 15 Minutes a Day is a collection of more than 400 street-smart lessons on retailing that Chip Averwater has gathered from his own experience in business, as well as from his mentors and retailer friends.

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A Bohemian guitar's body is a one-gallon rectangular oil can, giving it a vintage feel with a modern design. This instrument is a fully-funtional electric guitar which can be plugged in and  played through any amp.  Features include a custom maplewood neck with rosewood fingerboard, a single coil pickup an adjustable truss rod, rosewood bridge, strap buttons/locks, and volume and tone controls.

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Band & Orchestra

Yamaha’s new V Series Violin and Cello outfits are designed for beginning student string players and feature three violins and three cellos in one-half, three-quarter and full sizes, respectively. Components featured in the V Series outfits include ebony pegs, D’Addario Prelude strings, a composite tailpiece with four fine tuners, wood bow with ebony frog, and sturdy shaped ABS plastic case. Shop-adjusted to MENC specifications, the V Series outfits also feature Yamaha’s Five-Year Limited Warranty, as well as the company’s unmatched service.

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Band & Orchestra

St. Louis Music is now shipping a new line of Zonda signature instruments.  The new full line of instruments includes flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, and trombone.  All products are in stock and shipping to dealers now for purchase or for rentals and fall fill-ins. 

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D’Addario epands its ProSteel Electric Guitar line with the new EPS515 ProSteels Medium, in gauges .11 - .50.  D'Addario XL ProSteels utilize an exclusive corrosion-resistant steel alloy that delivers super-bright tone without shrill overtones. These strings are designed to offer a palette of harmonically rich, penetrating highs combined with pronounced lows.

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The Rockn Stompn model RS–4 foot-activated sequential power strip is designed to automatically power up or down an individual musician's set of equipment in the proper sequence with the tap of a foot. The RS-4 is transportable. The powerstrip conforms to UL Standard UL1363 and UL1449-3, provides 1935 joules of surge protection, and includes EMI/RFI noise filtering.  The RS-4 is a user adjustable, 4-step, 0-15 second delay for  both on-delay and off-delay sequences. With a fully welded stainless steel enclosure, the RS-4 includes a lifetime warranty.

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Pro Audio

The MXL Revelation Solo has the vintage tube sound with the convenience of a cardioid-only pattern. The Revelation Solo features cardioid pattern high quality tube microphone, a 32mm Gold sputtered capsule, hand Selected EF86 tube, and a dark violet and chrome finish. Included is an aluminum flight case, shock mount, Mogami cables, and custom power supply.

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The new Gold Instrument Silent Series Cable will be offered with either straight or 90 degree angle Neutrik ® Silent Plugs.  Neutrik ® Silent Plug allows hot-swapping guitars without the earsplitting pop or risk of blown speakers. Previously, the silent plugs were available only on Mogami Platinum level instrument cables. Now Gold Instrument Cable users can enjoy the convenience of “silent swapping.” The Neutrik ® Silent Plugs have an internal switch which automatically silences the cable until it is connected. MOGAMI Gold Instrument Silent Series Cable carries a lifetime warranty.

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DJ & Lighting

BEAMbar™ is a linear effect light fitted with five individual pods, housing one white, 6-watt LED in each pod. It produces thick columns of light by projecting narrow beams and features full pixel control for increased effects. Perfect To create impressive matrixes or runway effects, combine multiple units together using the optional CBB-6 bracket. Powered by a white, 6-watt LED, BEAMshot™ is a compact aerial effect light that projects a sharp, ultra-narrow beam of light.

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This year’s new 1934 Original Jumbo is a replica inspired by one found in vintage Gibson expert Gary Burnett’s collection. From the red spruce top (sanded to a thinner dimension to match the original), to the heavy, period-correct V profile neck with historic string spacing on the neck and bridge, to the radiant sunburst finish with a classic pear-shaped center that tapers perfectly into a dark, rich deep umber brown edge, the 1934 Original Jumbo aims for elegance and historical accuracy
The 1934 Original Jumbo is hand-made and limited to a run of 100 guitars.

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