The V-Knob is an alternative for the volume knob on any electric guitar which enables players to execute fine-tuned volume control. The knob replaces the factory volume knob, extending its reach to closer to the strumming hand. Retail price: $12.95.

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DJ & Lighting

Emitting bright, narrow beams from 49 3-Watt 2,800K CREE LEDs, the Nexus Aw 7x7 offers flexibility for high-impact aerial effects, warm white washes, audience blinders, and text and animated graphics displays. The Nexus Aw 7x7 panels feature a quick rigging system with integrated alignment and load-rated interlocking hardware.

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Pro Audio

The Relay Xo is a mic signal switcher that enables the artist to convert a vocal mic into a talk-back or communication mic so they can converse with system techs, monitor engineers, or other band members. One toggles the outputs using the side access A/B switch or connects a remote control such as the Radial JR1 or a momentary switch (like a sustain pedal) to the Relay Xo using either the XLR or 1/4" remote input jacks.

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The new PRS Archon’s lead channel was designed with five gain stages before the master volume, delivering full distortion, while the clean channel is built with ample headroom in mind. Features include four 6L6GC Power Tubes; six 12AX7 Preamp Tubes; Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Master Volume Controls for each channel; Global Presence and Depth Controls; Series Effects Loop; Fixed Bias (Adjustable); 4, 8, 16 Ohm Selection; and Black Tolex with Charcoal Burst Maple Fascia.

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The all-new Orange Dual Dark Series is a range of high-end dual channel amps, with a new voicing for Channel A (Channel B is has the voicing of the “Dark Terror” tone). Launching at NAMM are the 50-Watt and 100-Watt versions, with footswitchable attenuators and Orange’s signature low impedance effects loop design. The Dual Dark 50 has an output that can be switched to 50 or 25 Watts. Output on the Dual Dark 100 can be switched to 100, 70, 50 or 30 Watts. Both amps come with standard EL34s fitted.

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The G-SERIES power amplifiers have been designed to provide efficiency, dynamics and reliability at an affordable price for a variety of fixed and mobile audio applications. The G-SERIES amplifiers are available in three models, G-440, G-850, and G-1200, equipped with an LED display system. XLR and TRS 1/4" jacks included, with twist-lock connectors for power outs.

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Drums & Percussion

Remo’s Gospel Church Tambourine is manufactured with a lightweight Acousticon® drum shell and is available with double and single row jingles. It has a Skyndeep® Natural fixed graphic drumhead, tuned to a mid-range pitch, with the look of rawhide skin (that isn’t affected by weather). Available in 10” diameter.

NAMM Booth # 3440


Levy’s Leathers Tooled Cheetah PrintThe MV17CH was designed by Danica Levy as a line of veg-tan leather guitar straps with royal blue garment leather, deep-embossed with a cheetah print. They are 2.5” wide and are adjustable from 41” to 54”. Also available in XL, which adds 12” to the length of the strap. Available in: Black (BLK); Natural (NAT) and Cranberry (CRA).

NAMM Booth #4658



Hohner Rocket HarmonicaHohner’s new Rocket harmonica features an ergonomic design that eliminates all sharp edges on the comb and cover plate, maximizing player comfort. Soft, rounded channel openings make this harmonica very smooth to play and increase the air pressure behind the reeds, reducing player fatigue. Wide-open cover plates and side vents ensure that projection is maximized. Launching alongside the Rocket is an in-store standee which features a striking four-foot replica of the actual harmonica box including a launching rocket that is blasting out of the box.

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AIM Gifts Eyewear DisplayAIM Gifts is now offering an Eyewear Display to support the over 20 different eyeglass designs it offers. The display is 7x7”x26” offering a small footprint for any counter. This cardboard spinner display with mirror and can hold up to 36 pairs of eyewear. AIM Gifts offers over 10,000 different gifts to profit from with new products arriving weekly.

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