Drums & Percussion

Mike has expanded the tonal color palette for Orchestra Bells, Glockenspiels, and Xylophones. The Glock/Bell/Xylo Series enables the player to be an artist creating new sounds that produce a full, rich tone that will resonate throughout the concert hall. Each mallet in this series features select rattan handles, shorter in length for greater dexterity and control.


The new Epitome delivers three of the most popular effects from three of Electro Harmonix’s best-selling products, in one compact pedal. Though designed to work together, the effects in the Epitome can also be used independently with individual footswitches for each. Dedicated, straight forward controls for all parameters mean there is no need to scroll through setting menus.

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Built by Paul Schwartz in New York City, the Peekamoose Model 3 blends classic design cues with modern features. The Peekamoose 3’s Jazzmaster-like offset body is one obvious nod to the past. Other tried-and-true details include a three-layer tortoise or “vintmint” pickguard and back plate, Tusq bridge saddles and nut, Sperzel locking tuners, Dunlop strap locks, ivoroid knobs, and a Strat-style tremolo bridge.

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Band & Orchestra

St. Louis Music is now offering two new Franz Sander master violins. The Symphony Model features select, even grain European spruce tops and beautifully flamed European maple back and ribs, with hand-rubbed spirit varnish. Choice trim includes a polished ebony tailpiece with gold diamond inlay with matching pegs and ebony Hill-style Guarneri chinrest.

The Concerto model displays a sonorous, even response and also features even grain European spruce tops and flamed European maple back and ribs with hand-rubbed spirit varnish. The trim on this violin includes polished ebony tailpiece with Parisian eye inlay with matching pegs, ebony Hill-style Guarneri chinrest. Both feature Dominant strings with black and gold Hill-style E-string adjuster. Retail price: $1,895 (Symphony model), $1,595 (Concerto model).

Band & Orchestra

With its traditional red finish and select spruce top, maple back, sides, and neck, the HV-100 has the beauty to match a quality tone. The fingerboard and fittings are of dyed hardwood and the Cremona VP-201 bridge is of select, aged maple. A lightweight, composite tailpiece with four built-in fine tuners makes tuning easy for the novice. This outfit includes an A. Breton® AB-100 quality bow strung with unbleached horse hair plus a rigid-foam, semi-shaped case with black exterior and blue plush interior. Every HV-100 outfit is thoroughly shop-adjusted and ready to play. This is an outfit that will please students, teachers and parents as it sets a new standard in violins at this most affordable price point. Available in full (4/4) size only.


Pro Audio

VocoPro’s new MOBILEMAN is the world’s first battery powered P.A. system with a subwoofer. No longer will users have to give up full-range sound in exchange for portability. The MOBILEMAN offers three mic/instrument channels with combo ¼”-XLR inputs and +48V phantom power. A handy RCA-1/8”stereo input accommodates a smartphone, tablet or laptop for practicing or party music.

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The Stealth™ Power Amplifier is based on analog class A/B amplifier design for excellent sonic and saturated clipping performance, not found with Class D power amplifiers. The Stealth can be used for high SPL gigs and professional stage use. It is powered from an external 19-volt DC switch-mode power adaptor like that used with a laptop, but will deliver a true 180 watts RMS continuous output power into an 8-ohm speaker cabinet and greater than 120 volts bridged output voltage swing. 

The Stealth can also be used as a stereo 2x80 watt amplifier at 4 ohms and can power a single 4 x 12 cabinet with incredible SPL volume level output or will power two cabinets in a true stereo rig. The amp weighs in at only 1.2 pounds at a size of package size of 9” long, 4” wide, and 2” tall, adding new meaning to light weight guitar systems. An internal “power on/off” output control circuit provides pop free operation for turn on and turn off.  The Stealth Power Amplifier is based on ISP Technologies new patent pending “Power Factor” and “Dynamic Adaptive Amplifier Technology.” Retail price: $399.00.

DJ & Lighting

The Glow Totem Set is a new, all-in-one mobile truss setup that packs down to less than half the size of standard square truss. Consisting of four single trussing tubes, a base plate, a top plate, and a lycra cover, the Glow Totem Set includes everything needed to create a clean, polished look. When the tubes are assembled and covered with the lycra truss cover, there’s no cross hatching – only a smooth, modern uplighting glow. Add a battery powered ADJ Jelly or Mega GO par to uplight without the hassle of cords.

Each totem takes only a few minutes to assemble, but holds strong all night. Additionally, the trussing will take up less than half the space of a square truss in the same height, which means DJs can easily pack twice as much trussing, instantly expanding their setup possibilities.

 The Glow Totem Set includes the following: 4 x F31 Single tubes, 1 base plate, 1 top plate, 1 lycra truss cover (sock). The F31 single tubes are available in a variety of heights and the base and top plates also come in different sizes, allowing for a wide range of selection. The new Glow Totem set is flexible enough to fit any DJ’s setup and take their look to the next level.

Pro Audio

Eminence Speaker’s new D-fend™ SA300 is a fully programmable stand-alone unit designed to protect passive loudspeakers from excessive power conditions. A patent-pending technology, D-fend allows maximum driver performance while ensuring damage-free operation. With D-fend there are no more worries about blown speakers, HF drivers or crossovers, or fire caused by excessive heat. Not only does D-fend keep systems safe, but venues and audiences as well.

The user simply sets the thresholds and D-fend monitors and limits the amount of input power it passes through to the loudspeaker. It’s USB compatible, and can be programmed to your specifications from a desktop or laptop. Operating from a standard speaker-level signal, the D-fend SA300 requires no auxiliary power unless being used in lowpower applications. D-fend loudspeaker protection is ideal for system installers, PA gear rental companies, OEM manufacturers, and any end-users who own passive loudspeakers. Retail price: $209.99.


MOD™ Kits DIY announced the introduction of their new product line for guitar modification - Pre-Wired Assemblies. Used to upgrade your existing guitar electronics, MOD pre-wired assemblies can enhance a guitar’s overall tone and playing experience.

Each MOD pre-wired assembly has a treble bleed volume pot mod which helps retain clarity when you roll back on your volume knob and adds life to any pickups. All assemblies are equipped with high quality parts and components using CTS potentiometers, Switchcraft jacks, vintage Fender®-style switches and high performance “Orange Drop” tone capacitors. MOD pre-wired assemblies are very easy to install. Clearly illustrated wiring diagrams are included with each assembly, making it easy to install. Retail price: $70.

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