This year, The Beatles and D’Addario Accessories are joining together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with limited edition guitar pick 10 packs and guitar straps.

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Ortega’s Sea Devil is a pedal tuner featuring connectable LED lights for dark stages. Running on 9V DC Sea Devil is a fully chromatic pedal tuner with calibration options from 436 to 445 Hz and a bright, adjustable pedalboard light in one box.

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Print & Digital

QRS Music Technologies, Inc. wireless integration PNOmation3 enables Bluetooth MIDI capabilities, allowing communication between the piano and third party MIDI players, editors, and recorders.

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Cases & Stands

Whirlwind’s CycloneTM Case Series is built using the finest Colson® casters, flush mounted MOLTM latches and built around their Marine grade HDPE panels resulting in a road worthy, incredibly sturdy road case.

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Cases & Stands

Manhas­set Stands announced the new Noteworthy Music Stands Collection for 2017. Noteworthy Music Stands are known for creating “Elegant Images for the Artist” combining great style and function.

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Band & Orchestra

Dakota Saxophones SDA­XR 42 Alto and SDT­XR 52 Tenor are two new models designed to combine all the features of Dakota Saxophones XR and XG series.

Read more: Dakota Saxophones SDA­XR 42 Alto and SDT­XR 52 Tenor


Roland RD­2000 is the latest generation of the long-­running RD stage piano series. Equipped with dual sound engines, exceptional feel, and advanced controller features, the RD­ 2000 offers top-­level live and studio performance for modern working pianists.

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Drums & Percussion

The Majestic Thin Shell Brass Snare is the new highlight of the Majestic Prophonic Series family of orchestral snare drums.

Read more: Majestic Thin Shell Brass Snare


A refresh of one of Fender’s classic lines, the series boasts new improvements, including better sound, performance and playability, in addition to solid tops on all models, rolled fingerboards, and a new “Easy­to­Play” neck shape with high­ level Fender craftsmanship at an accessible price point.

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Band & Orchestra

The Eastman Strings Albert Nebel VL601 is handcrafted from well­seasoned, European tonewoods imported from Germany.

Read more: Eastman Strings Albert Nebel VL601

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