Cases & Stands

Whirlwind’s CycloneTM Case Series is built using the finest Colson® casters, flush mounted MOLTM latches and built around their Marine grade HDPE panels resulting in a road worthy, incredibly sturdy road case.

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Cases & Stands

Manhas­set Stands announced the new Noteworthy Music Stands Collection for 2017. Noteworthy Music Stands are known for creating “Elegant Images for the Artist” combining great style and function.

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Band & Orchestra

Dakota Saxophones SDA­XR 42 Alto and SDT­XR 52 Tenor are two new models designed to combine all the features of Dakota Saxophones XR and XG series.

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Roland RD­2000 is the latest generation of the long-­running RD stage piano series. Equipped with dual sound engines, exceptional feel, and advanced controller features, the RD­ 2000 offers top-­level live and studio performance for modern working pianists.

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Drums & Percussion

The Majestic Thin Shell Brass Snare is the new highlight of the Majestic Prophonic Series family of orchestral snare drums.

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A refresh of one of Fender’s classic lines, the series boasts new improvements, including better sound, performance and playability, in addition to solid tops on all models, rolled fingerboards, and a new “Easy­to­Play” neck shape with high­ level Fender craftsmanship at an accessible price point.

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Band & Orchestra

The Eastman Strings Albert Nebel VL601 is handcrafted from well­seasoned, European tonewoods imported from Germany.

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Band & Orchestra

S.E. Shires has incorporated the best aspects of prized vintage horns with modern centering and intonation.

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Pro Audio

The Audio­Technica ATM350a Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone comes in six specially designed systems that provide discreet mounting solutions for a host of instruments, including woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, drums, and piano.

DJ & Lighting

Chauvet DJ’s EVE F­50Z is an LED Fresnel fixture that shines a softedged, warm white spot and features D­Fi USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control.

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