The Ortega Guitars Ben Woods signature model was developed and designed under the flamenco artist's supervision and meets the same specifications as Woods' personal version.

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Pro Audio

The iRig Pro I/O from IK Multimedia is a pocket-sized mobile audio/MIDI interface for iPhones, iPads, Macs, PC and Android devices. 

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Pro Audio

Sennheiser has announced the release of their new GoPro-verified MKE 2 elements microphone, available starting on April 24.

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The Statesman from Supro is a 50W channel-switching amp with reverb that combines the vintage Thunderbolt and modern Comet models in one piece of equipment, while also adding an all-tube effects loop and other performance-friendly features. 

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Drums & Percussion

South African drummer Aquiles Priester has announced that he will be touring with American metal band W.A.S.P. on their "25th Anniversary World Tour" using his new 18-piece cymbal set from Paiste

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Drums & Percussion

The Natal Café Racer drum set from KMC is now available in the United States market.

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Drums & Percussion

SABIAN has released a limited edition HHX Shimmering '75' Ride to commemorate jazz legend Jack DeJohnette's 75th birthday.

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Band & Orchestra

The Vosi TB2211LQ trombone from Antigua Winds features a .500" bore, a chrome plated nickel silver inner slide, and a nickel silver outer slide.

Read more: The Vosi TB2211LQ trombone from Antigua Winds


The new, limited edition Tim Armstrong Ruby Red Hellcat guitar from Fender boasts a new and exclusive "ruby red" finish, inspired by the popular Rancid song, "Ruby Soho."

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The new 362ce and 352ce models from Taylor Guitars are the newest guitars in the company's 12-string guitar line.

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