The Ludlow guitar from D'Angelico Guitars offers a unique body shape that allows for effortless access to the highest frets, while a slim C-shape neck guarantees comfort.

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Cordial has extended its adapter cable range with a mono version, the CPI PZ, equipped with hand soldered REAN 3.5mm and 6.3mm full metal connectors.

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Elixir Strings has expanded its lineup of electric guitar strings to include nine new sets for extended range guitars.

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The new Coated Metal Snap Hook for straps from BG Franck Bichon has a unique soft and durable coating to protect saxophones from scratches.

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The new unfiled reeds from MARCA Reeds offer more choice and flexibility for people who love their jazz cut but prefer unfiled reeds over filed.

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Everlast Picks from Ernie Ball Music Man are manufactured from highly durable, wear-resistant Delrin material for a more secure non-slip surface.

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The new EHX 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory expands upon the multitrack looping of the 2880 and 45000.

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The PLR-SKB series takes a Whirlwind Power Link distro and packs it into an SKB i-series case, with casters, measuring 23"x18"x12".

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Cases & Stands

The #1090 Trente LED Lamp is Manhasset Stands' newest model LED lamp for use on music stands.

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Print & Digital

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack features 12 tracks from the soundtrack, including "Ahch-To Island," "The Battle of Crait," "Canto Bight," "Fun with Finn and Rose," "The Last Jedi," "Main Title and Escape," "Old Friends," "Peace and Purpose," "The Rebellion Is Reborn," "The Sacred Jedi Texts," "The Spark," and "The Supremacy."

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