The Foundations line of electric bass strings are built with a newer, stronger core material to create a string that very bright and flexible.

Read more: The Foundations Bass Strings from S.I.T. Strings

Pro Audio

A multipurpose testing device for troubleshooting digital AES-3, S/PDIF, and analog audio signals, the Qbox-aes comes loaded with a variety of useful features and testing operations.

Read more: Whirlwind Qbox-aes

Cases & Stands

The new Armourguard Wood Series of lightweight cases from ProRockGear and AP International offer the weight of a gigbag and the durability of a hardshell case.

Read more: New Lightweight Woodshell Cases from ProRockGear

Band & Orchestra

The Venova from Yamaha is an innovative casual wind instrument that’s compact and lightweight.

Read more: The Venova from Yamaha


All Reverend Kingbolts now feature a dark roasted maple neck for both the increased resonance and superb look and feel. The Blackwood Tek fingerboards are an environmentally-aware choice based on wood that is abundant and easily harvestable without sacrificing tone or quality.

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Print & Digital

String Instruments: Purchasing, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and More by Sandy Goldie covers important topics that every musician needs to know.

Read more: New Releases from Meredith Music

Drums & Percussion

The Naughty Saucer is the newest addition to Dream Cymbals' Re-FX Series. 

Read more: The Naughty Saucer from Dream Cymbals

Drums & Percussion

DrumLite's triggered lighting kits are designed specifically for the everyday drummer, allowing the device to react when the drum is struck.

Read more: Triggered Lighting Kits from DrumLite


The Kross2 is a pro-level performance keyboard equipped that features upgrades such as more PCM, more sounds (1075 programs), more polyphony (120), user sampling, audio recording, audio and MIDI over USB, and 16 sample trigger pads. 

Read more: The Kross2 from Korg


One of ReedGeek’s newest “Universal” woodwind reed tools and saxophone sound stabilizers is the G4 “Black Diamond,” a tool for reed adjustment & maintenance on both natural and synthetic reeds, designed to help all woodwind easily players achieve better reed performance. 

Read more: ReedGeek's G4 'Black Diamond'

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