American Way Marketing has teamed up with Arnold Stolzel GmbH to produce for LaTromba maintenance products, now available in North and South America.

Read more: LaTromba Maintenance Products from American Way Marketing

Print & Digital

The second edition of Mastering the Art of Brushes by Berklee professor Jon Hazilla helps drummers to understand the concepts behind brush playing and presents them with brush patterns and techniques.

Read more: 'Mastering the Art of Brushes: 2nd Edition' from Berklee Press


The Huntington is a short-scale bass from Supro that combines the classic body shape of the early ‘60s Ozark model with passive electronics the Supro Pocket Bass of the same era.

Read more: Huntington Bass from Supro

Print & Digital

The Jim Brickman Collection: Words & Music from Alfred Music is Jim Brickman’s latest collection of 26 titles from 14 albums from Brickman’s 20-plus-year career.

Read more: 'The Jim Brickman Collection: Words & Music' from Alfred Music


Grammy-award winner St. Vincent has partnered with Ernie Ball to release her line St. Vincent Signature Guitars.

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Pro Audio

The new SA Performance Audio System from Fishman is a portable and easy-to-set up package that consists of the SA330x wide dispersion modified line array speaker system, the SA Sub subwoofer and the SA Expand 4-channel expander/mixer.

Read more: SA Performance Audio System from Fishman

Pro Audio

EMMA Electronic has released the ON-1 Okto-N.js Analog Octave/Fuzz/Synth pedal, the first new model from EMMA Electronic in nearly 10 years.

Read more: ON-1 Okto-Nøjs Pedal from EMMA Electronic

Pro Audio

MI retail and pro audio have been on a convergent course for several decades now.

Read more: Going Pro...:Recording and live sound products are creating a synergy with instrument sales

Print & Digital

A Manual for the Modern Drummer by Alan Dawson and Don DeMicheal, originally published in 1962, helps players to learn jazz drums from one of the classic texts of jazz drumming.

Read more: 'A Manual for the Modern Drummer' from Berklee Press

Cases & Stands

TKL Products Corp. offers a range of cases, including Concept™ MC™ and Zero-Gravity® models. All of these models are designed to fit most every vintage and contemporary acoustic guitar on the market.

Read more: TKL Acoustic Guitar Cases

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