Henry Heller Balance embroidered series are custom guitar straps available in six woven cotton colors including: purple, fuchsia, green, sky, black, or blue.

Read more: Henry Heller Embroidered Balance Series


The D’Addario Accessories Beatles-licensed guitar straps and picks feature vegan straps (leather strap style adjuster) with designs from “Meet the Beatles,”“Yellow Submarine,” “Sgt. Pepper,”and “Revolver.”

Read more: D’Addario Accessories Beatles Straps and Picks


Perri’s Leathers new range of licensed guitar straps and picks feature iconic and popular emojis.

Read more: Perri’s Leathers Emoji Collection Guitar Straps & Picks


The Levy's Leathers MG317VAN (VANCE) features a soft garment leather top with suede backing and a decorative stitch. The strap is fully adjustable and available in black (BLK) and British tan (BTA).

Read more: Levy’s Leathers Vance and Ignite Guitar Straps


D'Addario Nickel Bronze is a result of the combination of phosphor bronze and nickel designed to produce a warm sound and reveal the unique tonal characteristics of a mandolin.

Read more: D’Addario Nickel Bronze Strings for Mandolin


The Cavern Club Ukulele outfits come in three different artwork designs - ‘The Wall’ (CVUK1) featuring the names of the many, many bands that have graced that hallowed stage in its seven decades, ‘Fab Faces’ (CVUK2) adorned by close-up illustrations of some band from Liverpool, and the simply named ‘Cavern’ (CVUK3) which shows iconic internal scenes and historic bill posters from one of the worlds most famous venues.

Read more: The Cavern Club Ukulele Outfits


The HeadRush Pedalboard features a quad-core processor. Powered by its Eleven HD Expanded DSP software, the HeadRush Pedalboard is designed to deliver versatile, realistic-sounding and responsive amplifier, cabinet, microphone, and FX models.

Read more: HeadRush Pedalboard


Babicz and AP International, distributors of Full Contact Hardware, unveil the newly-patented LX2 tailpiece. 

Read more: Babicz Full Contact Hardware LX2 Twin-Locking Tailpiece

Pro Audio

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH Cubase Pro, Artist, and Elements editions are each crafted to suit the different needs and levels of expertise in music recording and production.

Read more: Steinberg’s Cubase Pro 9, Artist, and Elements Editions

Print & Digital

Hal Leonard Super Easy songbook series features accessible arrangements for piano, with simple right-hand melody, letter names inside each note, and basic left-hand chord diagrams. Books also include lyrics, when applicable.

Read more: Hal Leonard Piano Super Easy

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