Korg Dolcetto TunersThe Dolcetto Series of band and orchestral instrument clip-on tuners includes three new models: the Dolcetto-M, which features all-around support for large or small fretted, band and orchestral instruments, the Dolcetto-T, which is optimized for attachment to a trumpet or trombone and the Dolcetto-V, with a special clip and dedicated mode for violin and viola.

All Dolcetto Series tuners feature a new type of high visibility LCD display, a metronome function that can be used for rhythm training, plus a convenient transpose function, for easily tuning a transposing instrument. 

The tuners offer proprietary clips that can be attached to a broad range of fretted, band and orchestral instruments, as well as an arm that can be adjusted throughout a wide range of 360° rotation and 180° forward/backward motion. Retail price: $39.99.

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