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DJ & Lighting

DJ & Lighting

CHAUVET DJ's new FlareCON Air hardware interface gives DJs, clubs, designers and other end-users an unprecedented level of freedom and mobility by making it easy for them to control any of the company’s battery-operated Freedom series fixtures directly from their smartphone or tablet. Teh FlareCON Air is compatible with both iOS® and Android™ operating systems. End-users simply have to download the FlareCON Air app to their phone or tablet. Then when they give a command on the mobile device, FlareCON Air will send the signal wirelessly to the fixtures – turning phones or tablets into wireless DMX lighting controllers.

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DJ & Lighting

No Illegal Connections is the latest addition to Spitfire’s Signature Range of sample libraries (where well-known composers, producers, and sound-smiths curate sonic DNA for future music-makers) for Native Instruments' KONTAKT 4 or 5 (Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and Windows 7 or later). Ware – founding member The Human League and Heaven 17 – offers up an exclusive collection of favourite analogue synth and drum sounds from his collection. These include Korg's mid-Seventies-vintage Mini-KORG 700 'simple' analogue monosynth and the Roland System 100 semi-modular monophonic synth used on early Human League classics like “Being Boiled.”

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DJ & Lighting

The Hurricane Haze 3D is a water-based haze machine. The new haze machine delivers a higher output of subtle atmosphere with less heat up time. The unit's new and improved silent running fan makes it ideal for applications where sound is an issue. Other features offered by the Hurricane Haze 3D include an automatic shut off when the tank is empty.

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DJ & Lighting

The Rogue delivers features like LED gobo morphing, variable speed scrolling and multi prism rotation in an affordable price range. The Rogue R1 Spot, powered by a 140W LED that produces a very even flat field and has a 16° beam angle, making it ideal for gobo projection. The Rogue R1 Beam is a beam effect that uses an Osram Sirius 132W HRI lamp to produce 78,700 lux at 15 meters. Rogue R2 Spot is an 240W LED automated spot featuring two continuously and variably scrolling color wheels.

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DJ & Lighting

The LSA7700P u-mount elliptical enveloping clamp design can be moved freely up, down, and around the stand quickly and securely. Without obstructive bracing, more fixtures can be mounted in limitless configurations. This also means fixtures can remain clamped during transport. Compatible with 1-1/2” and 1-3/8” poles, its elliptical design ensures round-to-round contact, spreading force evenly around the stand’s primary pole.

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DJ & Lighting

The EZPin™ IRC is a battery-powered pin spot with optional remote control designed to easily pin spot centerpieces or any other focal point at any without worrying about power draw or the availability of electric outlets.

The fixture’s magnetic base makes it possible to affix the pin spot to most metal surfaces without using clamps. The EZpin IRC also has unique scissor clip with an eye loop that allows the fixture to be attached to drop ceiling supports without requiring time-consuming cabling.

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DJ & Lighting

Pioneer DDJ-SZ

Pioneer's new Serato-compatible DDJ-SZ is 35 percent bigger than the DDJ-SX, sporting additional functionalities and features including extra large JOG wheels (the same size available on CDJ players), large performance pads with multi-color illumination, DJM style mixer, dual USB ports and a MAGVEL cross fader.

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DJ & Lighting

With the GMiX, DJs can play back tracks from a single USB drive or from a laptop as a versatile software controller for Virtual DJ or another host application. The device includes eight large performance pads on each deck and newly designed touch-sensitive mechanical jog wheels. The high-resolution USB/MIDI data-stream contains 14-bits of continual control information. Direct playback from a USB memory device of MP3, WAV, AAC, and AIFF files allows the GMX to be unchained from the laptop.

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DJ & Lighting

Emitting bright, narrow beams from 49 3-Watt 2,800K CREE LEDs, the Nexus Aw 7x7 offers flexibility for high-impact aerial effects, warm white washes, audience blinders, and text and animated graphics displays. The Nexus Aw 7x7 panels feature a quick rigging system with integrated alignment and load-rated interlocking hardware.

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DJ & Lighting

ADJ Jelly Cosmos Ball

The Jelly Cosmos Ball’s transparent casing makes it two effects in one. First, it’s a traditional dual rotating ball effect that utilizes 4x3-watt RGB TRI Color LEDs to shoot sharp, colored beams in all directions 360° around the room. Second, since its spheres glow through their clear cases like colorful jellyfish, the fixture itself is mesmerizing and intriguing to look at. The Jelly Cosmos Ball requires no controller or user programming. Once turned on, it rotates and changes colors automatically as it cycles through a preset sequence of effects.

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