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DJ & Lighting

ADJ’s LED Pixel Tube 360  Color-Changing Light Stick

This 39.5-inch/1,000 mm bright colorchanging LED tube is a glowing “candle of light” that can be used in multiples, offering limitless possibilities to creatively transform your surroundings and décor via RGB illumination. Hang multiple LED Pixel Tube 360s from overhead circular trussing to create the effect of a chandelier over a stage or dance floor. Position the tubes at varying heights behind a musician or in the DJ booth for a dramatic candelabra-like performance backdrop. 

Each LED Pixel Tube 360 unit contains 64 highoutput TRI LEDs, which produce bright, shadow-free RGB colors. The LEDs are encased in transparent UV-resistant polycarbonate tubing, so they’re visible for a full 360°.

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