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A traveling all-in-one lightshow package, the GigBAR IRC includes four different, very popular effects  that all mount together on one convenient bar: a pair of LED pars, a pair of LED derbies, a red-and-green laser, and four LED strobes.  Ideal for DJs, bands and mobile entertainers, this multi-fixture setup is very lightweight (14.4 pounds/6.6 kg) and even comes with its own carrying bags, tripod and wireless footswitch for easy transport and setup, so you can create an “instant lightshow” anywhere.

Wherever you take it, the GigBAR IRC’s collection of effects will work together to produce a visual display of incredible variety, color, movement and depth. The backbone of this lighting ensemble are its two RGB par fixtures, powered by 6 x 2.5-watt Tri-Color LEDs, which will wash any stage, performer or dance floor in a glow of dazzling, smoothly-blended colors.  Sizzle and excitement are added by the two LED derbies, shooting out a total of 42 red, green and blue rotating beams to fill a room or stage with mesmerizing motion.  

The frenzy heats up even further with the GigBAR IRC’s adjustable laser effect, containing both red (650nm/100mW) and green (532nm/30mW) diodes, which scatters hundreds of brilliant dots and beams in any direction you choose.  Amazing chase and slow motion effects can be added with the GigBAR IRC’s four high-power white LED strobes.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a lighting engineer to achieve this type of multi-faceted lightshow with the easy-to-use GigBAR IRC.  The unit features phenomenal built-in automated and sound-activated programs, which incorporate all four effects, allowing even novices to produce a complete light show “out of the box.”  Easy control of programs and other functions is provided by a convenient onboard display, as well as a wireless footswitch that comes included with the unit and works from unobstructed distances up to 100 feet (30.5M) away.   The GigBAR IRC can also be operated wirelessly with CHAUVET DJ’s IRC-6 infrared remote controller (sold separately) from distances up to 30 feet (9M). 

For more customized looks and shows, the GigBAR IRC can be controlled via standard DMX.  It features three DMX profile options – 3, 9 or 20-channel – and 3-pin XLR connectors.

“The GigBAR IRC offers the  perfect solution for DJs, musicians and mobile entertainers who want to upgrade their performance with a complete multi-effects lightshow, but might not be sure how to choose and operate individual effects to get them to work together,” said Nick Airriess, Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ.  “Everything you need is packaged in this one very affordable and portable setup, including four of today’s most popular club lighting effects, along with built-in programs that merge them all together into turnkey lightshows that virtually anyone can operate.  But although we designed the GigBAR IRC to be very easy to use, it’s also flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of venues, events and needs.”

One feature that makes the GigBAR IRC extremely flexible is that all of the heads are adjustable and interchangeable so that fixtures can be mounted in different spots on the bar to provide perfect coverage of any room or stage. The bar itself can be easily attached to trussing, using the included mounting brackets. To provide coverage over larger areas, multiple GigBAR IRC units can be run master/slave under the control of just a single wireless footswitch or IRC-6 remote controller.

The GigBAR IRC measures 46.7 x 4.3 x 15.2 inches (1,185 x 110 x 387 mm).  Variance-free, it complies with FDA laser performance standards and is also CE and FCC approved for safe, worry-free operation in any venue.

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