DJ & Lighting

ADJ’s new WiFLY Series consists of a wireless DMX transceiver and three compatible battery-powered LED fixtures, which, when used together, could eliminate the need for both DMX cables and electrical power cords. WiFLY products are designed to work well in RF-crowded environments for consistently reliable, interference-free wireless DMX control.

The ADJ WiFLY Series includes a WiFLY Transceiver (a wireless DMX transmitter/receiver in one;  $189.95), the WiFLY Bar QA5 (a compact 20-inch/0.5-meter RGBA LED linear color wash bar powered by its own internal lithium battery) MSRP of $559.95, the WiFLY Bar RGBA, MSRP is $559.95, the WiFLY Par QA (MSRP is $559.95), the WiFLY RGBW8C ($179.95), and the  WiFLY D6 Branch ($419.95).

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