Audio-Technica Hosts First Csaba Petocz Master Class Scholarship

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• Created: October 11, 2017

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Audio-Technica, Recording, Radio and Film Connection (RRFC), and Clyne Media, Inc., recently hosted the first Csaba Petocz Master Class Scholarship at Sunset Sound Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

The scholarship was held at the end of August, and five winners were selected by the Recording Connection to attend the two-day advanced audio workshop conducted by Joe Chiccarelli, long-time friend and colleague of Petocz and GRAMMY Award-winning producer/engineer (the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, Café Tacuba, Juanes, the Shins, My Morning Jacket and others).

Chiccarelli talked about and demonstrated the essentials of tracking, mixing, and production, all with a live recording session tracking a song by the band Slow Hollows.

GRAMMY Award winner Chris Lord-Alge, a long-time friend of Petocz, stopped by the workshop to tell the students more about him.

“This isn’t really a job, it’s a life,” stated Lord-Alge. “How you feel when you hang your hat when you walk in the door is everything. The positive energy you put out makes the session go well. Petocz lives on, and any room he’s worked in, his vibe is there. When your friends move on to Studio H and the session in the sky, it doesn’t mean you’re not still hanging out with them. It’s up to you to keep their spirit alive. A lot of what you guys will be doing is to try and channel the energy from the talent that you learn from, and keep that a part of you.”

“Csaba had a way of being really honest and at the same time loving,” Chiccarelli added. “He had this ability to disarm any situation, to be brutally honest with somebody but at the same time be their friend. The Australian accent always did him well.”

Chiccarelli took students into the control room, gave an overview of the session, and taught them proper microphone placement. He also explained in detail the various aspects of the tracking and mixing sessions.

“The weekend was simply great. The students were just fantastic – they’re knowledgeable, passionate and really committed to what they’re doing,” said Chiccarelli. “It was kind of really cool to see them interact with the band and be so supportive of the band, and be so hungry for all kinds of knowledge about anything to do with the recording and mixing process. I think we actually turned out a good track from the band on top of it! It was a really special weekend.”

“When Csaba passed, our industry lost a friend, a colleague and an exceptional engineer/producer. Csaba Petocz was the heart of our community, and he brought a warmth and humanity to the studio that was rare,” said Michael Edwards, Audio-Technica vice president. “The event at Sunset Sound was so successful, we are planning to do it again in 2018 as a way to honor Csaba’s accomplishments and to pass on his philosophies and ideals to the next generation of audio professionals. Stay tuned for more information.”

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