Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Complex Install Rogues from CHAUVET Professional

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• Created: April 13, 2017

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The Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Complex has replaced 250-watt moving discharge fixtures in the main theatre with seven CHAUVET Professional Rogue R2 Washes, supplied by Monkey Wrench Productions.

Sue Berger, the theatre’s lighting director, selected the Rogues with three criteria in mind reliability: performance and flexibility.

“Our ownership team is dedicated to doing things the right way and carefully investing in solid equipment, especially because we do maintain such an active schedule,” she said. “Any fixtures we add to our rig must be capable of holding up to extensive use. Versatility is also a key factor, because we produce a wide variety of shows.  With space at a premium, each instrument needs to be able to fill a multitude of roles. So researching fixtures prior to committing is critically important.”

With the new Rogues R2 Wash on her rig, Berger can move the fixtures to different positions for every show, as well as use them for top lighting, side lighting, back washing, special effects and more.

“Modern moving fixtures can do much more than special effects lighting in a theatre,” she said. “With color mixing, zoom and other features, you can create an array of looks, while keeping the number of units in your rig relatively low. I’ve used the Rogues for Beauty and The Beast and Sister Act, and am now using them for Camelot. Next, I’ll be using them for Grease. Each show creates a different set of demands, but the Rogues adapt very easily.”

For Camelot in particular, Berger hangs the Rogue R2 Washes in three different positions – a pair splitting center about 8’ upstage of the proscenium, three Rogues about 4’ downstage of the proscenium, and two Rogues downstage left and downstage right above the outside acting areas – and uses the color rendering capabilities during the show.

“There are so many gorgeous colors in Camelot, as well as a lot of whites that can be a challenge,” she said. “Some of the teals used, for example, can be tricky to light.  The Rogues not only allow me to create the exact hue to bring the costumes and scenery to life, they also are powerful enough to punch through, creating strong focal points.”


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