Crave Festival Installs CHAUVET Professional Fixtures

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• Created: October 4, 2017

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This year, the Crave Festival in the Netherlands installed 14 CHAUVET Professional STRIKE 1 fixtures to provide hard-hitting visuals in support of the industrial theme of the festival.

The STRIKE 1 fixtures provided RF Shows with multiple blinding, strobe and wash looks, matching the techno beats of headliners such as Octave One and Deniro.

“Given that everything about the festival design revolved around an industrial theme, we wanted to create the same feeling with the lighting design,” said Jeroen Kwakernaak, project manager from RF Shows. “The single source of the STRIKEs was instrumental in achieving this and gave us a particularly unique look to play with.”

Due to the fixture’s 230W LED output, Kwakernaak and his team were able to cover the vast festival site with a mixture of blinder and wash effects.

“The versatility of the STRIKEs was second to none,” continued Kwakernaak. “Not only could we pump up the crowd in blinder mode, we were able to create subtle eye candy wash effects, thanks to the warm tungsten emulating dimming curve.”

The specification of the STRIKE fixtures gave a number of practical advantages to Kwakernaak and his team; the IP-rated construction presented an all-weather solution for the outdoor festival.

“As the festival was fully outdoors, the outdoor rating made the STRIKE fixtures ideal for the job,” added Kwakernaak. “Although it didn’t rain, it was extremely hot during the festival, and everything was soaking wet because of the heat. The STRIKEs performed flawlessly within those tough conditions.” 

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