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D’Addario and Guitar Center Team Up for International Women’s Day

by Victoria Wasylak • in
  • Supplier Scene
• Created: April 5, 2018

On March 8, D’Addario teamed up with Guitar Center to support International Women’s Day.

When customers purchased any D’Addario product at Guitar Center or, D’Addario donated 50 percent of every sale to programming that supports girls in music through the not-for-profit D’Addario Foundation.

The proceeds from this day have been allocated to the D’Addario Foundation’s new Music Education for Girls Initiative, which provides girls with the resources they need to study music at a higher level and the encouragement they need to keep playing.

More specifically, the D’Addario Foundation will use this new funding to support a special group of girls who currently participate in D’Addario’s Long Island Lesson Program partnership with Harmony Program NYC. These girls have been recognized for their dedication to this immersive program which provides up to eight hours a week of instrument instruction for over 30 weeks per year.

This select group of students have been involved in this program since its inception. In addition to developing as young musicians, they have achieved major accomplishments such as being placed on the honor roll, holding leadership positions like class president, and many other awards.

The D’Addario Foundation is thrilled to establish scholarships for these girls to participate in a local, high-level youth orchestra, receive their own instrument, as well as private lessons and guidance along their musical journey.

Suzanne D’Addario Brouder, executive director of the D’Addario Foundation says, “These young women first started with us at the age of ten and have achieved more than we ever imagined. After four years and 800 hours of free music training, these students have blossomed as players and individuals, winning Academic, Citizenship, and Presidential awards. We are happy to be able to encourage their development by providing scholarships that support them as they grow beyond their middle school years. We have no doubt that the trajectory of their lives has been forever changed.”

To support the Music Education for Girls Initiative and learn more about the D’Addario Foundation, visit

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