F. E. Olds, Phaeton Brass and Sax Dakota Announce Merge of Products

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• Created: December 18, 2017

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F. E. Olds, Phaeton Brass and Sax Dakota recently announced an agreement to merge their exclusive lineup of premier brand name products.

David Benedetto, president of F.E. Olds, and Peter LaPlaca, president of Phaeton Brass and Sax Dakota, have reached an agreement for F. E. Olds to acquire both Phaeton Brass and Sax Dakota brand names.

“Peter has an amazing and successful track record in the Band & Orchestra industry” says Benedetto. “Working with Pete continues to be very rewarding.  His passion for our industry, even after nearly 50 years is very inspiring.”

“David and I have been both very close friends and business associates for many years,” LaPlaca adds. “His impeccable business acumen is, without a doubt, a major factor in our agreement to reach this consolidation of 3 major band instrument brands under one banner. I feel totally confident that his leadership will add considerable value to our future business plans.”

“Phaeton Brass and Sax Dakota enjoy a distinctive position in the marketplace,” Benedetto concludes. “With an extensive roster of endorsing artists, these superbly built instruments offer musicians tremendous sound and versatility. Combined with their unique finishes, these instruments provide today’s musicians with outstanding value and optimum performance.” 

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