Faith Family Church Uses Fixtures from CHAUVET DJ for Holiday Celebration

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• Created: December 26, 2017

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At Faith Family Church’s annual “Christmas At Faith Family” celebration on December 15, the house of worship used a lightshow designed by Aaron Cole of Goliath Lighting + Stage, incorporating CHAUVET DJ COREpar 40 USB fixtures to a rig that already included 40 moving wash and spot lights.

“We had COREpar 40s on either side of the center stage video wall,” said Cole. “This rather large side space had really been underutilized in previous years, so the new fixtures made a big difference. They added sparkle to stage left and stage right to create a more complete panorama for the audience. Their compact size made them easy to work with, and I liked being able to daisy chain data and power.”

Cole positioned the 24 COREpar 40 USB fixtures on two 30-foot-long ladders, arranging the fixtures in four rows of three on each ladder.

The intense output of the COREpar 40 USB fixtures allowed them to stand up to the brightness of the video wall that they flanked, while their smooth fading (the result of built-in dimming curves) helped Cole create a twinkling star-like effect at different points during the program.

“It really contributed to our show to have this grid of pixels around the wall,” said Cole. “The side sizzle we got from these fixtures rounded out the lightshow and opened up more creative opportunities for us. There were times when we wanted to have some color-changing pixels floating in the air without much else going on.”

At the conclusion of the preamble to the main program, the COREpar 40 USB units were the only lights showing on the stage.
“Everyone involved in this production was thrilled with the ladders of LED pixel pars we created,” said Cole. “They filled space that had been basically ignored, but beyond that they engaged the audience and helped the church deliver its message before Christmas.”

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