Giannini Guitars Donates to IMS Technologies

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• Created: November 30, 2017

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Flavio Giannini, Riccardo Recchi, and Robert Landis of Giannini Guitars have donated two Craviolas to IMS Technologies in order to help IMS’ efforts with its cancer fundraiser “Giving Shelter.”

“We’ve known Jeff for years and since cancer has hit the Giannini company, we also are very sensitive to the goals of Giving Shelter.  Donating a couple of instruments was the least we could do to help,” said Robert Landis of Giannini USA.

Jeff Millar-Sax of IMS Technologies, who lost his wife to cancer and has been dealing with it himself for the past 4 years, was overwhelmed by their kindness and pledge of assistance.

 “This is just the result of another relationship that evolved through NAMM shows,” he said. “When I told them about what I’m working toward with Giving Shelter, both Bob and Riccardo asked how can they help. I asked if I could buy a couple of guitars to get autographed and auction off to raise money. Riccardo spoke with Flavio and a moment later Flavio handed me two guitars! First class company led by first class people!”

In addition, Aljon Go and Evan Winfree of Gibson brands loaned IMS guitars to demo Charactune clip-on tuners, and Michael and Marc Harris of Harris Musical Products loaned IMS guitar straps for the Gibson instruments at last summer’s NAMM show in Nashville. 

“I’ve been a NAMM member for nearly 20 years and though the gear seems to be the star of the shows, it’s the people behind the gear who really make this industry shine. It’s been a real blessing to be around so many wonderful, generous individuals,” said Jeff Millar-Sax of IMS. “There is a culture of giving and of sharing in this industry unlike any other in which I’ve been involved.  I’m grateful to Gibson and Harris Musical Products and to be a part of this industry. It’s the little things like these small acts of kindness that need to be acknowledged as they lead the way to the bigger, greater good.” 

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