Moogfest Reveals Final Additions to Lineup

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• Created: April 18, 2017

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Moogfest has announced the final additions to the 2017 festival lineup, prominently featuring artists like DJ Premier, Zola Jesus, King Britt, Jana Hunter, Baltra, IDEO, Modular on the Spot, and Durham music collective The Floor.

Zola Jesus in particular will be offering a special treat by performing songs from her unreleased 5th studio album, TAIGA. Both King Britt and Baltra plan to perform DJ sets to impress with their track selection and production expertise.

Some of the artists participating in Moogfest 2017 also appeared at the festival last year, but Moogfest has encouraged them to contribute in new ways. For instance, design firm IDEO will be offering workshops on sound machines, whereas last year, they created a sound installation to present at the festival. Similarly, Jana Hunter (Lower Dens) hosted a conversation with Laurie Anderson last year, but she will performing a late night DJ set instead at this year’s festival.

Much like last year, Moogfest has also partnered with local collective The Floor to create an after party lineup that includes North Carolina talent, including DJ Bosslady, Andrius, Sound Resurgence, Ladyfingers, 3ZKL, and Strider.

The full list of Moogfest participants announced today includes DJ Premier, Zola Jesus, King Britt, Jana Hunter, Baltra, IDEO, Modular on the Spot, DJ Bosslady, Andrius, Sound Resurgence, Lady Fingers, 3ZKL, Strider, Virginia Tech ICAT, ONO, Brandon Stosuy, Elliot Inman, Johnny Turpin, Krista Anne, Fannie Mae, Frankie Hutchinson, Hisham Bharoocha, Joseph Murray, Marshall King, Valencia Wood, Elizabeth Traina, Zena Loxton, Jessica Collette, Raj Bhakta, Senator Jaiz, Give a Beat, Armida Ascano, and Pierce Freelon. 

New films announced include “Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present,” “Tomorrow: Travel the World of Solutions,” “SpeakUP: The Power of Lyrics,” “SpeakUP: Women of Africa,” “Transfiguration,” and “Life in Wave.”


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