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MX Événement and CHAUVET DJ Help Design Aglaé Create Magic For Euro Disney

by Victoria Wasylak • in
  • MMR Global
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• Created: June 13, 2019

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Sophie Hombert and her company Design Aglaé S.A. recently adorned the popular Ticket to America Startup Competition with her floral display at Disneyland Paris. Adding a captivating glow to this enchanting vista at the high-profile event, which was sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce in France, was a lighting system by MX Événement that drew on the illuminating power of the CHAUVET DJ EVE P-150 UV. The company deployed 16 of the 150W UV LED fixtures throughout the display, relying on their ultraviolet light to make rows of specially treated flowers glow in the dark.

The Design Aglaé creative process begins with a new (and entirely natural) nutritive serum that causes the flowers glow under ultraviolet light, so their beauty can be savored both day and night.

MX Événement was asked to provide lighting that could project a smooth, evenly focused field of UV illumination on the flowers, while not distracting from the floral display itself. After evaluating 15 different UV fixture options, the MX Événement team selected the EVE P-150 UV for the project.

“We had to find powerful, compact and lightweight projectors to perform,” said an MX Événement spokesperson. “The output of the EVE fixture was very impressive, and the adjustable opening with magnetic lenses was especially useful in allowing us to focus the light. These features, along with the EVE’s reasonable cost, compactness and easy installation design, made it the clear choice.”

Also winning praise from MX Événement and others associated with the Ticket to America Startup Competition were the EVE P-150 UV’s silent operation and flicker-free output. Both of these features were extremely useful in helping to make the lighting system unobtrusive during the event.

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