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Rainey Chooses GR Bass Amplification

Victoria Wasylak • MMR GlobalSupplier Scene • July 1, 2019

Chuck Rainey, the studio bassist, live rhythm section member and music educator, has joined other critical bass players in choosing GR Bass Amplification, a boutique manufacturer of bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets and combo amplifiers made in Italy.

“Chuck had been searching for amplification to reproduce the sounds of his 5-string basses and his vintage 4-string basses with accuracy. He wanted an amplifier that produced a full-range, natural, pure sound that would allow him to hear the sound of his bass, his hands and strings,” says John Files of Sonata Marketing/GR Bass USA.

Rainey is using the GR Bass DUAL800 amplifier through a GR112H/GR210 speaker combination. The two channels of the DUAL800 allow him to use the amplifier in his teaching and educational clinics where the second channel is used for his backing tracks. In a live situation, he can dial in the EQ on one channel for his modern 5-string basses and the second channel for his vintage 4-string basses if he chooses to.

“Chuck really needs a speaker cabinet that is powerful and full range (employing low frequency drivers and a tweeter) as well as being lightweight,” Files states.

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