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Schecter’s Tech Manager Reflects on MasterTint from Gluboost

by Victoria Wasylak • in
  • Supplier Scene
• Created: July 17, 2017

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Todd Reich, the Diamond Series operations manager at Schecter Guitar Research, recently spoke about his about his first MasterTint experience.

The Schecter Guitar Research staff member was able to match a perfect black finish in 20 seconds using MasterTint and Fill n’ Finish Pro Formula from Gluboost, and the application itself took only five minutes.

“I had a black, open-pore finish mahogany-body instrument that had dings in the bottom edge going through the color coat, revealing bare wood,” he explains. “But the instrument was designed with an ultrathin finish, so there wasn’t much depth to the dings. Pre-tinted finish wouldn’t have provided a true color match unless I layered it above the surrounding finish, which would look terrible. I just now tossed the guitar on my bench, prepped the surface, mixed up a bit of thin Fill n Finish with MasterTint black powder additive and KA-POW I had just what I needed! Literally in a matter of 20 seconds, I had a nice, solid black color glue, and I was able to apply it as thin as I needed without allowing the wood underneath to show! That’s incredibly helpful, as the less you have to mess with leveling, the less work you have ahead of you.”

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