Area Sam Ash Stores Rebounding from Recent Storms

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• Created: September 14, 2017

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On September 15th, Sammy Ash of Sam Ash Music Corp. updated MMR with the information that six of the seven Sam Ash stores affected by the recent hurricanes had opened at regular hours that day and that the company’s warehouse opened and started shipping out on the 13th. “We are 95 percent operational,” he said.

On the 13th, he had sent out the following:

Regarding the Houston store final, we lost about $36.00. The flood washed away some banner posts.  How we escaped more we will never understand, but will always be thankful for. Business has been strong ever since we were able to get back to the store.

Current donations to Harvey [victims total] $30,073.82.

All seven Sam Ash Music store are still closed, some due to power and some due to curfew. There is some moderate flooding in some stores and a lot of roof problems, as to be expected. We had two different cases where the wind pushed some very large HVAC rooftop units, which in turn took some of the roof with it.

Our fulfillment Center in Tampa had lost some skylights and some roof as well. We do not know the total extent of the damage but magically very little water in the warehouse.

Florida donations have yet to be determined.

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